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Pagan and Christian Elements in Beowulf Essay -- Epic of Beowulf Essay

Agnostic and Christian Elements in Beowulfâ â â â â â â â â â Â Â â â The adulated epic sonnet, Beowulf, is the primary extraordinary gallant sonnet in English writing. The epic follows a fearless warrior named Beowulf all through his young, grown-up life and into his mature age. As a youngster, Beowulf turns into an incredible saint when he spares the place where there is the Danes from the ghastly animals, Grendel and his mom. Afterward, following fifty years pass, Beowulf is an elderly person and an extraordinary lord of the Geats. A colossal winged serpent before long attacks his serene realm and he guards his kin fearlessly, kicking the bucket all the while. His body is singed and his remains are set in a cavern by the ocean. By setting his remains in the ocean side cavern, individuals passing by will consistently recall the unbelievable saint and lord, Beowulf. Â In this perceived epic, Beowulf, is have large amounts of powerful components of agnostic affiliations; notwithstanding, the sonnet is something contrary to agnostic brutality. The introduction of the narrating moves smoothly inside Christian environmental factors just as agnostic goals. Beowulf was a discussed agnostic old stories where the individuals of that timespan trusted in divine beings, goddesses, and beasts. It's centrality lies in an oral history where individuals retained long, thick lines of monotonous section. Afterward, when a composed convention was acquainted they started with record the story on tablets. The old story was not first told or developed by the usually known, Beowulf writer. This is obvious from examinations of the old stories analogs. The original copy was composed by two recorders around AD 1000 in late West Saxon, the scholarly tongue of that period. It is accepted that the copyists who set up the old materials into their current structure were Chr istians and that his sonnet mirrors a Christian tradition.... ...e epic is the legend's notoriety, a landmark as suffering as earth. Works Cited Essential Source Kermode, Frank, and John Hollander, et al. Beowulf. The Oxford Anthology of English Literature: Vol 1. New York: Oxford UP, 1973. 29-98. Auxiliary Sources Chickering, Howell D, Jr. Beowulf: A Dual-Language Edition. New York: Anchor, 1977. Clark, George. Beowulf. New York: Twayne, 1990. Holland-Crossley, Kevin, and Bruce Mitchell. Beowulf. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Poupard, Dennis, and Jelena O. Krstonc, ed. Old style and Medieval Literature Criticism: Volume 1. Michigan: Gale Research, 1988. Morris, Richard, ed. Blickling Homilies: Sermon 17 of the Tenth Century, Old Series, no. 73. London: EETS, 1880. 209-11. Tuso, Joseph F, ed. Beowulf: The Donaldson Translation Backgrounds and Sources Criticism. New York: W.W. Norton, 1975. Â

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Case Study Format - Uses the Case Study Format to Track Your Marketing Plan

Case Study Format - Uses the Case Study Format to Track Your Marketing PlanThe case study format can be a great tool for tracking your marketing plan. However, using the case study format is not the same as simply writing a case study report. You need to determine a number of things before you go ahead and begin writing the case study.The first thing that you need to consider is how long it will take you to complete the case study. If you expect to do this project in half the time that you think it will take, you are probably wasting your time and effort. Make sure that you have the ability to write the case study within the time frame that you set.A case study format is a good research tool because it can help you gather data and gather facts. You can use this information to properly track your marketing efforts. If you don't already have an idea of how to use a case study format, you may want to consider hiring a copywriter or a professional consultant to help you come up with the best way to write your case study.With that said, consider the following when deciding on a case study format. The first thing that you need to consider is how long you think it will take you to complete the case study. You should also consider the time frame in which you will be completing the case study.The next thing that you need to consider is how much time you think you will have to dedicate to the project. Again, you should make sure that you have the ability to write the case study within the time frame that you set. This is important because it will help you determine how long it will take you to complete the case study.Finally, you need to determine if you will need to hire someone to help you with the case study. Depending on the project, you may have the ability to write the case study yourself. However, most case studies require some form of input from a third party.Of course, when using a case study format, you still need to determine how you will determine what inform ation to include in the case study. When using a case study format, you should also think about how much information you need to include in the case study. Again, you will have the ability to determine this.The last thing that you need to consider when considering a case study format is how much information you need to include in the case study. Again, you will have the ability to determine this. Just be sure that you have the time to write the case study.

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The Short Messaging Service standard †

Question: Examine about the Short Messaging Service standard. Answer: SMS Service After the send SMS button is squeezed from Malaysia by the sender, out of sight there goes a ton of assignments, for the beneficiary who is sitting in London to get the SMS. This is the Application layer of the OSI model. At the point when the catch is squeezed the SMS is sent to the store and forward component, otherwise called the information interface layer. The Short Messaging Service standard depicts what sort of information is coordinated in an instant message, the quantity of bits in a paired code are made up utilizing each letter, and how these information are composed with the end goal of how the sending and accepting gadgets interconnect with one another (Chutijirawong and Kanawattanachai 2014). These kinds of subtleties are depicted by Protocol Description Unit or the PDU, strings of the hexadecimal-octets and semi decimal-octets. Hexadecimal being values in base 16, with 09 to speak to esteems zero to nine, and A,B,C,D,E andF to speak to values ten to fifteen. The content SMS from the sending portable gets put away in the focal SMC, which is later sent to the ideal goal that is London for this case. The SMS administration utilizes a different channel, at that point the channels that are regularly utilized for the calling administration so that there is no loss of the information or unsettling influence in the calling interface. This control channel is commonly used to the track down the system that is at present enlisted and where the SMS is to be sent. The principle purpose behind putting away the SMS is that there can be caused various endeavors to convey the SMS. This is to be done in the system the assignment of the system layer. In the event that the beneficiaries gadget is turned off or if the gadget is out of range, the SMS will be put away in the SMC framework and will be conveyed when the recipient becomes open again this errand is done in the vehicle layer. So as to send the SMS, the SMC has to know the location(London) where the SMS is to be sent. When the SMC knows the area that is London where the SMS is should have been sent, it changes the exchanging associations over to the right versatile system station. The SMS is ultimately moved to the comparing BSS or the Base Station System. The Base Station System contains the handsets which are utilized to send and get messages over the air This is the errand of the meeting layer. This information is sent over the flagging channels, so as to that the portable can get the SMS regardless of whether there is a continuous voice call is going on (Acker 2014). The Base Station System is the last trick that transmits the instant message to the right cell phone. If there should be an occurrence of the 4g systems this procedure is bit quicker as a result of the Internet associations that are accessible, and subsequently by this procedure, the beneficiary who is sitting at London gets a SMS from the area sent. Despite the fact that the procedure is by all accounts a huge one however takes modest quantity of time. Contrast between the cost speed and sound quality. The versatile application provides a superior calling and informing office rather the inbuild portable capacities, this is on the grounds that that the application utilizes the innovation of the 4g. Volte. The upside of this framework over the 2gGSM innovation is that the application utilization of the voice over LTE, that is voice is sent through the web rather than the conventional radio systems. This in term so of the calls is better a result of the use of the 15MHz transfer speed and working under the accompanying recurrence ranges: Tower Tx: 1805-1820MHz and Tower Rx: 1710-1725MHz and consequently giving a more prominent extent of the system. A standard call from Malaysia to London calls charges around 0.77 Ringgit every moment. The utilization of the voice over LTE additionally has better solid quality and it underpins the video calling, which was not upheld in the past 2g innovation. Despite the fact that the expense of the 2g was a lot of lower than this innovation the expens e of executing this framework is significantly higher. Discussing the informing administration the informing administration in the application is substantially more powerful and proficient. Discussing the cost, a standard SMS cost roughly 1.94 Ringgit from Malaysia to London, though by utilizing the informing application the expense is significantly zero if the utilizations have the web associations (Baby and Antony 2017). One of different advantages is the factor that a standard bolstered just a 160 character of content, while in this application there is no restriction for the quantity of the characters to be input. One of the significant inconvenience of the 2g innovation is the factor that there is low recurrence of the systems and thus there are foundation clamors and other calling issue. Likewise, the 2g age innovation isn't excessively much progressed and isn't bolstered by the greater part of the cell phone in the advanced age. One of the other advantage of the 2g is that th e lower power outflows have helped in managing wellbeing concerns Also the battery utilization of the 2g innovation is a lot of lower Thant he present day 4g innovation (Mohapatra, Swain and Das 2015). The SMS encryptions frameworks of the 2g innovation was a lot higher at the hour of the dispatch, yet now the innovation has gotten old and there are tremendously best in class encryption frameworks in the market. The expense of the bring in the 2g was a lot of lower that of the 1g, and thus purchased a flood of upheaval in the cell phone innovation. It very well may be said that in spite of the fact that the 2g range had a significant number of the focal points like the minimal effort, encryption likewise had numerous impediments like the commotion accessible if the need arises and low system run. The cutting edge 4g innovation has a large number of the favorable circumstances over the 2g innovation like higher inclusion of the system, better advanced voice over the web and other suc h highlights, despite the fact that the expense of the of the innovation is a lot higher than that of the 2g however is considerably more helpful. The informing administration utilizes this innovation and is consequently a superior alternative than the inbuilt versatile applications. References Acker, A., 2014. The short message administration: Standards, foundation and innovation.Telematics and informatics,31(4), pp.559-568. Infant, F. also, Antony, P.R., 2017, June. Improvement of TI comfort structure for test robotization of radio system controller. InIntelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS), 2017 International Conference on(pp. 579-582). IEEE. Chutijirawong, N. what's more, Kanawattanachai, P., 2014. The job and effect of contextdriven personalisation innovation on client acknowledgment of promoting by means of short message administration (SMS). Universal Journal of Mobile Communications, 12(6), pp.578-602. Mohapatra, S.K., Swain, B.R. what's more, Das, P., 2015. Complete study of conceivable security issues on 4G networks.International Journal of Network Security Its Applications,7(2), p.61.

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What is the purpose of writing a term paper

What is the purpose of writing a term paper? Although some students may believe that the purpose of writing a term paper is to punish them, there is much to be gained from the process that can actually help them in school and later in their adult lives when they enter the workforce. In the first place, writing a term paper requires you to learn something new about an issue or topic and then explain what you think about it. In the second place, another purpose of a term paper is also to provide educators with a means of evaluating their students’ writing abilities and the amount of effort they invested in writing it. While the purposes of writing a term paper may be straightforward, the process itself can be daunting for some students who do not have experience. In many cases, these students can benefit from ordering a term paper from a reputable essay writing company to provide them with a guide for developing their own final version. A high quality term paper can also help these students become better writers by providi ng them an example from experienced academic writers.

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Martin Luther King Jr. And Henry David Thoreau - 1311 Words

Nowadays, it is often ambiguous where to set the limit between good moral values and effective government. The United States has spent centuries perfecting and building a righteous structure of government, yet it still has defects, such as unjust laws. For that reason, it is one of the most important matters discussed in American history and philosophy. American citizens expect the authority to work â€Å"for the good of the people† and â€Å"follow in everything the general will†, however, it was not always the case, according to influential American authors and civil rights activists Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Henry David Thoreau. Although both of their works were written over a century apart, one cannot deny the fact that both of them successfully and nonviolently converted their ideology into action using different methods of civil disobedience. Their goal was to fight for a better just system of law and restore faith in humanity. Despite their different perspec tives, they both wanted to eradicate social injustice and argued that people must disobey the authority and take action against an unjust government. Both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail† and Henry David Thoreau’s â€Å"On the Duty of Civil Disobedience† share similar passion and attitudes on the philosophy of civil disobedience and also emphasize its importance, however, their differences are efficiently portrayed through their sense of tone, purpose, and rhetorical strategies. While both of theShow MoreRelatedMartin Luther King Jr And Henry David Thoreau1393 Words   |  6 Pages Martin Luther King Jr and Henry David Thoreau were both two important men in our society that ultimately changed things for the better or at least had some part in our stride for equality in the United States. Whether it be in the Transcendentalist Era of the early 19th century in which Thoreau composed one of the most prominent documents of his time â€Å"Civil Disobedience†, or during the 1960’s fight for racial equality in which Dr. King wrote his powerful â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail†, both seekedRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr. and Henry David Thoreau Essay976 Words   |  4 PagesThe essays by Martin Luther King Jr., â€Å"Letters From Birmingham Jail† and Henry David Thoreau, â€Å"Civil Disobedience† show how one can be a civil person and protest against unfair, unjust laws forced upon them. Both authors are very persuasive in their letter writings. Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. write about the injustice of government laws, of right and wrong, and one’s moral and upstanding conscience of a human being. Martin Luther King Jr. is a religious, peaceful man who usesRead More Comparing Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr.933 Words   |  4 PagesComparing Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Any one can say that a law is unfair and unjust. However, who is really willing to accept the consequences for going against an unjust law? Is breaking this law really worth the punishment? The government is the one to decide whether a law is reasonable, but what if a member of the public believes that a law is not? Should he rebel against this law? Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. answered yes to this questionRead MoreHenry David Thoreau: Great Influence to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.629 Words   |  3 PagesI strongly believe that just as Henry David Thoreau was greatly influenced by the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, (who introduced Thoreau to the ideas of transcendentalism) Martin Luther King, Jr.s thinking was greatly influenced by that of Thoreaus. He was most probably influenced more by Indias Mahatma Gandhi; however, Gandhis principles were mainly based on those of Thoreau. Though Thoreau lived more than 100 years before the time of King, his thinking remained an influential legacy. They eachRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, And Harper Lee970 Words   |  4 Pageshow immense the situation is and how rapidly it should be dealt with, and there must be nonviolent demonstrations for superb end conclusions. There are 3 steps in order for justice to prevail which were ideas derived from Martin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, and Harper Lee. Those three steps will be explained and discussed throughout this thesis paper. The first step is realizing or â€Å"Bearing Witness† as Lenard Pitts would say, as stated in his speech Bearing Witness â€Å"We mustRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, And Harper Lee972 Words   |  4 Pageshow immense the situation is and how rapidly it should be dealt with, and there must be nonviolent demonstrations for superb end conclusions. There are 3 steps in order for justice to prevail which were ideas derived from Martin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, and Harper Lee. Those three steps will be explained and discussed throughout this thesis paper. The first step is realizing or â€Å"Bearing Witness† as Lenard Pitts would say, as stated in his speech Bearing Witness â€Å"We mustRead MoreHenry David Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.s Use of Civil Disobedience562 Words   |  2 Pagescollective means of forcing concessions from the government.† Men such as Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. have all used forms of civil disobedience and nonviolent protest to make changes in the world. These changes have made huge impacts on our societies and how we are able to live our everyday lives. Without these three men and their practice of civil disobedience, the world would be a very different place. Thoreau views civil disobedience as a necessity when the law causes someoneRead MoreHenry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr.s Justification of Defying Unjust Laws1820 Words   |  8 PagesHenry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr.s Justification of Defying Unjust Laws In his famous essay, â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail,’’ Martin Luther King, Jr. cites conscience as a guide to obeying just laws and defying unjust laws. In the same way, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his famous essay, â€Å"Civil Disobedience,† that people should do what their conscience tells them and not obey unjust laws. The positions of the two writers are very close; they use a common theme of conscience, andRead MoreCivil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau and Letter From Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther King Jr.909 Words   |  4 Pages The essays, Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau, and Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther King, Jr., incorporate the authors’ opinions of justice. Each author efficiently shows their main point; Thoreau deals with justice as it relates to government, he asks for,†not at one no government, but at once a better government.†(Paragraph 3). King believed,† injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (Paragraph 4). Each essay shows a valid argument for justice, but KingsRead MoreHenry David Thoreau Resistance To Civil Disobedience Analysis1508 Words   |  7 Pagescivil government by Henry David Thoreau is an essay written about his opinion on opposing the government that was taking control of people’s rights, motivating his disagreement of slavery and the Mexican-American war. Mahatma Gandhi, a leader who fought for the Indians independent movement against British. Lastly but not least, Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the civil rights movement. Within the tree leaders, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. their connections

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McCann v Wal-Mart Inc. Essays - 715 Words

McCann v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Louisiana Eastern District Court 210 F.3d 51 (1st Cir. 2000) Fact: Debra McCann and two of her children (Jillian, and Jonathan) were shopping in Bangor, Maine Wal-Mart on December 11th, 1996. After about an hour and a half, the McCann’s paid for their purchases and proceeded to leave the store. On the way out two Wal-Mart employees (Jean Taylor and Karla Hughes) blocked their path to the exit and stood in front of the McCann’s’ shopping cart. Note Taylor may have actually put her hand on the cart. The employees told McCann that her child had previously stolen from the store and was not allowed in the store. Defendant’s employees told McCann they were calling the police. Defendant did not actually†¦show more content†¦McCann was rewarded $20,000 in compensatory damages by the jury. 2. No. United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit rejected Wal-Mart’s appeal claiming that the plaintiff (McCann) did not prove false imprisonment under Maine law and that the courts jury instructions on false imprisonment were a mistake. 3. No. United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuits rejected Wal-Mart’s second appeal stating the district court should have charged that actual, physical restraint. Basically wanting a description of what was not confinement. 4. Yes. United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit accepted McCann’s cross-appeal. The defendant (Huges) denied McCann’s son (Jonathan) the bathroom. Wal-Mart’s policy say’s to ask prior shoplifters to leave the store and not to rather detain them. The action of Hughess pointing her finger at Jonathan accusing him of stealing was not considered reckless or negligent but â€Å"outrageous†. Jonathan was awarded $10,000 and $5,000 awarded to his mother and sister each. Reason: The Maine District Court focused on McCann’s claim that they were falsely imprisoned in the Wal-Mart store by Wal-Mart employees. The court looked at elements of the tort of false imprisonment under Maine law. The defendant referenced to the police is enough to say reasonable people would believe either that they would be restrained physically if they wanted to leave. The definition of false imprisonment can beShow MoreRelatedAmerican Express: Branding Financial Services - Essay10204 Words   |  41 PagesExpress bought First Data Resources for $50 million. First Data was a computerized billing operation that processed Visa and MasterCard transactions for banks. This was only a warm-up for Robinson, and in 1981 AMEXAMEX merged with Shearson Loeb Rhoades Inc., the second largest public brokerage firm in the country behind Merrill Lynch. AMEXAMEX continued its expansion into a financial conglomerate by purchasing two additional brokerage houses and a real estate company. The international investmentRead MoreAmerican Express: Branding Financial Services - Essay10213 Words   |  41 PagesExpress bought First Data Resources for $50 million. First Data was a computerized billing operation that processed Visa and MasterCard transactions for banks. This was only a warm-up for Robinson, and in 1981 AMEXAMEX merged with Shearson Loeb Rhoades Inc., the second largest public brokerage firm in the country behind Merrill Lynch. AMEXAMEX continued its expansion into a financial conglomerate by purchasing two additional brokerage houses and a real estate company. The international investmentRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesEducation, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., PermissionsRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 PagesIs the Amazon business model the right model looking ahead ï ¬ ve years or more? How can Am azon continue constantly to innovate and enhance the customer experience? What was the optimal trade-off between customer beneï ¬ ts and company proï ¬ tability? Is Wal-Mart a threat? This case was prepared by Professor Gary J. Stockport and MBA students Marnie Butson, Zohrab Ismail and Daniel van der Westhuizen, The University of Western Australia Business School (UWA). It is intended as a basis of class discussion

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Causes of the American Revolution free essay sample

Because of this mindset, colonists developed a deep assessment of British rule and policies; and as events culminated, there was no means to avoid revolution and no way to turn back. There are four major reasons that the rebellion Of the colonists accumulated into a full scale revolution. The most indistinct of these four reasons is the old societal legacies of the colonies, namely: social, political, religious, and economic values. These deeply rooted values were ingrained and inherited from the generations of colonists, and once the British began upsetting those values, resentment set in and began to undermine the British authority.For example, many of those who came to America were of British decent; they loved being English and fancied that, as colonists, they were taking part in the building of a bigger and stronger British Empire. But to those in England, the Americans were no better than barbarians. The English did not view Americans as equal, but as a debased populace that was in no way English. We will write a custom essay sample on Causes of the American Revolution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After this became apparent, those living in America began to develop a strong antipathy toward the British. The British military also played a role in starting the revolution.As Britain began to call more and more troops into the colonies, especially after the even years war, many of the citizens began to doubt their purpose. The British justified stationing troops by saying that it was to cut expenditures. Yes it did cut expenditures, but to the dismay of the colonists, the burden of housing soldiers, due to the Quartering act of 1 765, was laid upon them. This caused great dissent, for as the population of Boston was only approximately 18,000, the troops made up more than one fifth of the population.But cutting spending wasnt the only objective in bring in troops. Parliament also wanted to use the troops in order to enforce the British legislatures rules and ordinances. The troops served as intimidation to keep the colonists in check. But as Americans became more rebellious, England funneled in more troops. In 1 774, the British responded to the Boston tea party by establishing the Coercive Acts. These acts in addition to closing Boston harbor and subjecting everyone to admiralty courts also shipped in 3000 soldiers and put the state Of Massachusetts under martial law.Thus, in towns, there developed great tension between the people and the British troops, an uneasiness that would reside and alienate the colonists from the empire. More importantly, the colonist resented Parliaments taxes with a passion. In the beginning, the settlers of the colonies respected Parliaments right to tax because they were founded on the ideals of mercantilism and were modest as well as reasonable. But as America began to take shape, Parliament passes more and more acts taxing the colonist based solely for profit raising. The main problem in this was that the colonists considered themselves unrepresented in Parliament. They did not accept the idea of virtual representation and therefore wanted individuals from the colonies to represent the colonists in Parliament. When this did not happen, the colonials began to resist new taxes targeted for raising money. Such taxes such as the Sugar Act of 1764 and the Stamp Act of 1 765 became a focal point for all grievances against the empire, for as Samuel Adams said, No taxation without representation. All the previously mentioned causes were great factors which incited the revolution, but the greatest motivator of the war was the restriction of civil liberties instituted by the British.This factor in effect encompasses almost all of those factors stated above, for those, in one Way Or another, impacted the epistyle and rights of all the colonists. Militarily, the soldiers housed by the Quartering Act impacted the colonists right of privacy; economically, mercantilism restricted their freedom to trade to England, forcing the colonists to smuggle; politically , the Coercive acts suspended all colonial governments and gave power to royal officials.Also, the coercive acts gave all powers of trial to the admiralty courts. This act took away completely the right of trial by jury that was almost a birthright to all citizens. Through these acts, the British confiscated certain rights to which the colonists considered inalienable; this then alienated the British Empire and sparked the revolution. As one can see, the American Revolution was dependent on many specific factors working in unison.As the British fashioned more and more Acts which degraded the colonies, they escalated the resentment felt by the colonists. As both opposing sides fought back and forth, the sparks of the revolution caused the populace to view the British as dictators who would take away all their rights and make their free colonies into a tyranny. This paranoia was prevalent throughout colonial society and combined with many other factors, began the American Revolution. Causes of the American Revolution free essay sample When the treaty of Paris was signed it declared the end of the war. However, the battles managed to leave Great Britain in an enormous amount of debt. As a consequence of the war, reliant claimed it was the colonists fault therefore implicating a series of acts that taxed all necessities. The taxation put a financial burden [on] the shoulders of the colonist. l The Sugar Act of 1 764 was one of the first taxation passed by English Parliament in order to recover some cost from the war. The act provided a system to load and unload cargo from the merchant ships so no smuggling could take place. It also had the power to tax certain goods that included sugar, coffee, indigo dye, and wines. 2 The colonists reacted by verbally protesting, smuggling in good, and bribing tax officials. The Stamp Act was passed March of 1765. Colonist were required [to have] an official stamp on about 50 different types of documents, ranging from playing cards to newspapers and college diplomas. We will write a custom essay sample on Causes of the American Revolution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 3 The act sent the colonist into a rage since they were not allowed to suggest or elect members of parliament which led to boycotts of British goods, petitions to the King, and a formal declaration of American grievances. as a result the colonist organized themselves into groups of resistance and the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, was created. In response to the vicious actions that the looniest performed in response with the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, British Parliament repealed them. However, the passed they Declaratory Act of 1766 in its place.This Act confirmed that parliament had full authority over the colonists and their legislative. The Declaratory Act had the right to tax, establish laws, and govern the colonists as they pleased. The colonists were denied their rights to have representation in parliament. 5 The Colonists became more resilient and had a greater hatred towards England. A year later in 1 767, British parliament passed the Townsend Act, which taxed all imported goods of window glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea. The British believed that since only the wealthy could afford such luxury goods then the protests would decrease. In 1767, the Quartering Act was established amongst the colonists. It required that every colonist provide housing, food, and supplies for the British soldiers. The Colonist argued against the government because they claimed it was unfair to support the soldiers while no war is taking place. In order to help the East India Tea Company, the British Government passed the Tea Act. This particular act did not impose NY new taxes.. . It reinforce a three-penny tax from the Townsend Acts. 7 The colonists responded with the Boston Tea Party.On December 16, 1773 the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans and poured over 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. The governments objective was to reduce the massive surplus of tea which took a negative turn for not only the government but even a more strict turn on the colonists. This act of rebellion left only the government with more anger than ever before. The breakout of insurgence angered the government which made them resort to heir last option of enforcing the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts were a list of demands following the delinquent actions that took place at the Boston Harbor. This Act entitled, the Boston Harbor to be closed by a blockade until the colonists pay for all the tea that Was lost, it was illegal to have town meeting, public officials needed to be chosen by a royal governor, and all colonists needed to supply soldiers since the quartering act had been reinstated. The colonists recognized their constitutional rights and liberties which led them to have the First ContinentalCongress-8 The purpose of the congress was a voice for the people. They tried to appeal to the crown but were unsuccessful. This unsuccessful trial to overrule the crown, was later tried again with the creation of the Second Continental Congress During the time of the thirteen colonies, the colonists had no rights or say in their government. They suffered the consequences of their acts when rebelling against the government. As time went on the colonists grew frust rated in the lack of representation in the British Parliament and wanted to claim their independence. Causes of the American Revolution free essay sample Also, the colonists used petitions and mass rallies to demonstrate their resolve for change within the law. The colonists wanted westward expansion, which Parliament was limiting. The only way to continue expanding at the current rate would mean taking the land. Whether or not this was right, it demonstrates the Colonists willingness to abandon their parent country in favor of their own desires. If the revolution was a conservative protest, then the colonists would have dispersed after events like the closing of Boston Harbor and and Concord.Instead the colonists rallied, supply Boston through massive wagon trains after Boston harbor was closed, and created an army after and Concord. The final colonial war was the French and Indian war (1689-1763). During this war, England lost a lot of money and felt that the Americans should pay for the protection they gave us. This was also solidified America as America. Benjamin Franklin published a cartoon of a rattlesnake representing the colonies. We will write a custom essay sample on Causes of the American Revolution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The phrase Join or die was added, sending a clear signal that this was a new nation in the New World.The cost of the French and Indian War caused the Britain the need for getting more money, and to do this, they made the Americans pay more taxes. This lead to the rebellion and revolution of America. From 1 603 to 1 763, the British policy for governing the American colonies was called Salutary Neglect. Under Salutary Neglect, enforcement of parliament law was not strict enough for the colonists. According to the law of the days, trade between American colonists and other nations were very restricted. Colonists were only allowed to trade with England, Scotland, and Ireland.Salutary Neglect allowed Great Britain to turn a blind eye to Illegal trade with other countries, which were difficult and expensive to enforce. As stated by Sir Robert , If no restrictions Sugar and Molasses act. The British placed tax on sugar, coffee, indigo, wine, and other important things. They did this because they wanted more money to help provide security for the colonies. The Sugar Act made colonists very upset because if they only traded with Britain, they would not be able to sell their goods for much.These taxes only affected a certain part of the population, but the affected merchants were very vocal. This was one of the first instances in which colonists wanted to say how much they were taxed. This act, and the Currency Act, set the stage for the revolt of the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament on 1765. The new tax required all American colonists to pay a tax on every piece of paper they used. For example, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, ships papers, newspapers, and even playing cards.The money collected from the Stamp Act would e used to help pay for the cost of defending and protecting the American frontiersmen. With this act, the colonists anger reached the boiling point. The frustration was now to take the form of rebellion. The previous Molasses Act, Navigation Acts, and Sugar Act suddenly were seen as a prelude to this final blow. During the revolution, the Declaration of Independence served as a motivational document for the revolutionaries. King George Ill dismissed it, and it carried no political patch. The signatories did risk their lives by signing it, and therefore theDeclaration lifted moral, or at least the decision to overthrow British rule. The document gave a clarity to the American cause that it had previously lacked, and that the British were never to gain. The Declaration of Independence also made any hopes of a peaceful settlement much less likely Independence once declared could not easily be surrendered. Each colony declared itself an independent state and replaced the kings governor. Citizens, including women and slaves, plunged into the War under the command of General Washington. In the end, the AmericanRevolution grew out of their restrictions placed upon their colonies by the British. The treaty signed in Paris on September , 1783 brings the American Revolution to its successful conclusion. The causes of the American Revolution were both economical and political. Each action by the colonists or Parliament seemed to bring about an effect by the other side. It was a progress changing the colonies from dependent to independent states, from monarchy to republic, but in the end, we succeeded. Individuals and groups drastically changed the course of history.